About Us, Our Partnerships & Purchasing Process

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Pile Driver UK.


We supply high quality machinery to customers in the UK and worldwide.  


Pile Driver UK are the Worldwide agents for the 'Stradale' mini piling rig (road construction equipment, civil work projects) on behalf of MGI, ideal for guardrail installation.


We are also the UK agents for the Tonker 830 and can supply it to English speaking countries with the support of the worldwide distributor, Tea Tek.


Our mission is to look after our clients needs by providing them with superior machines and a high class service.

Simple Purchasing Process From Start to Finish. 

Starting your MGI piling rig journey is simple and can be accomplished by following the steps below:

1. Fill in the form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

2. Once you have decided which model, customisation and extras you require we will send you an official offer.


3. Once you are happy to proceed, send us a purchase order so we can raise and send you a pro-forma invoice. 

4. You then have the following options: (a) Pay 30% of the total invoice and the remaining 70% prior to delivery arrangements being made.  (b) Pay in full to reduce waiting time.

With these four simple steps, you could have your machine/s within 4-6 weeks depending on payment option chosen, customisation required and delivery location.

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MGI Engineers. Pile Driver UK
Partnership With MGI.


Partnered with Pile Driver UK in late 2018.

Based in South Italy.  Established for 70+ years.  


Italian engineers known worldwide for their quality machinery and innovation. Their mission has been to expertly design and produce machines with creativity, focusing on the specific needs of various contractors.  




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Partnership With Tea Tek Group.


Partnered with Pile Driver UK & MGI in 2019. 


Tea Tek SPA is a young company, established in May 2009, which has operated since its inception in the dynamic water, alternative energy and industrial plant markets.

Tea Tek bases its technical and commercial know-how on the consolidated experience of its partners and collaborators in companies of solid reputation in the field of Industrial Automation.

Tea Tek has as its corporate mission the acquisition of orders for the construction of technological systems in expanding markets such as special machinery and industrial plants, telecommunications, alternative energy and automation.

T.E.A is an acronym for Telecommunications-Energy-Automation, while TEK for Technology and know-how.  Together these represent the vision of the company and oriented towards continuous innovation, experimentation, following and anticipating the continuous evolution of technologies in the reference markets .

Today the Tea Tek Group has around 950 employees and collaborators with an average age of about 35 years.

From 2011 to today, the company has achieved a growing volume of business, becoming one of the main national players in the water and industrial automation sector.

From 2021 Tea Tek has become a joint stock company (SPA) completing the reorganisation process of the various business units distributed around the world.