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Pile Driver UK is a family run business established in 2018 with the aim to supply high quality MGI machinery to customers in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  


We are the sole UK and Ireland agents for the MGI Tonker 830 piling rig and supply them, with the support of the worldwide distributor TeaTek Group, to these and the other countries listed above. We are also worldwide agents for the smaller MGI Stradale (guardrail rig).


We also cater for the needs of UK clients looking to purchase the Iberfence handheld post driver.


Our mission is to look after our clients by:


  • Providing them with high quality machines. 

  • Giving clear, accurate information in our advertising and communications regarding the machines and services.

  • Giving an attentive service through the buying process and after sales. 

  • Liaising between the customer, MGI (manufacturer) and Teatek Group.

  • Keeping customers updated on innovations and improvements to machines.

  • Continually seeking ways to improve our service for the benefit of the customer.

Purchasing Process 

1. Fill in the form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements including prices.

2. Once you are happy to proceed having decided which model, customisation and extras you require we will send you an official offer and sales contract.


3. When you are ready to make the payment send us the completed sales contract. On receipt, we will raise and send you a pro-forma invoice.

4. You then have the following options: (a) Pay 30% of the total invoice and the remaining 70% prior to us arranging delivery.  (b) Pay the invoice in full to reduce waiting time. (c) If you require finance we can connect you with a finance company. (UK Only)

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Partnership With MGI.


Pile Driver UK partnered with MGI in 2018 and are proud to represent them by selling their machines.


MGI has been established for over 70 years are are based in the province of Avellino, Italy. It has been owned and run by subsequent generations of the Marra family who have followed and worked in the steps of their fathers;  therefore built up a great reserve of knowledge and experience in the metal working industry.


MGI have earned a reputation for quality and innovative engineering worldwide and is in the top 20 fastest growing companies in Italy.  In fact, “MGI” as become synonymous with quality.

Their mission has been to expertly design and produce piling machines, focusing on the specific needs of various customers. 


The 'Tonker 830' and “its little brother” the 'Stradale' are the result of several years of modifications and changes that have been made due (in part) to customer input and suggestions.


They have been able to keep ahead of their competitors because of the innovations, improvements and customisations they've implemented.


This has been possible because;

  1. they have personally used the machines in the field

  2. all the bodywork building is done in-house, 

  3. they continue to invest in new state of the art metal working machinery

  4. keep up to date with industry progress

  5. continue to train their staff



With successful sales worldwide and to keep pace with fast growing demand in 2019 they stopped selling the Tonker 830 directly to concentrate on production.


They gave the selling process to Teatek Group who became the worldwide distributor of the Tonker 830, and we (Pile Driver UK) have been working closely with them as sole agents for the UK and Ireland as well as supplying the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. 


The growth and expansion has not stopped there. Partly as a result of Pile Driver UK opening up and making significant sales in the USA market, this year (2022) MGI have acquired a new factory and office building doubling up on space and machinery. 

Partnership With Tea Tek Group.


Partnered with Pile Driver UK & MGI in 2019. 


Tea Tek SPA is a young company, established in May 2009, which has operated since its inception in the dynamic water, alternative energy and industrial plant markets.

Tea Tek bases its technical and commercial know-how on the consolidated experience of its partners and collaborators in companies of solid reputation in the field of Industrial Automation.

Tea Tek has as its corporate mission the acquisition of orders for the construction of technological systems in expanding markets such as special machinery and industrial plants, telecommunications, alternative energy and automation.

T.E.A is an acronym for Telecommunications-Energy-Automation, while TEK for Technology and know-how.  Together these represent the vision of the company and oriented towards continuous innovation, experimentation, following and anticipating the continuous evolution of technologies in the reference markets .

Today the Tea Tek Group has around 950 employees and collaborators with an average age of about 35 years.

From 2011 to today, the company has achieved a growing volume of business, becoming one of the main national players in the water and industrial automation sector.

From 2021 Tea Tek has become a joint stock company (SPA) completing the reorganisation process of the various business units distributed around the world.