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MGI Stradale Piling Rig

High Quality Italian Engineered Pile Driver. Designed and built for installing road safety barriers (guardrails).  Perfect for all piling projects requiring a max 3.5m length pile. The Stradale is certified as being built to the high EU, UK and International  safety and quality standards. The manufacturers work to stringent ISO 9001 (Quality) & 14001 (Environmental) standards.  



Powered by a silent, eco-friendly YANMAR Stage V Tier 4 engine.


Indeco SPA 950 Joules (620-1500 BPM / 185 KG with a working weight of 350 Kg)



Mast handles up to 3.5m length / ∅300mm / 202mm² piles of metal, wood or reinforced concrete.

MGI Controls

This is a one man operated rig which fully utilises the operator tripling the speed of production and maximising profit. Horizontal controls possible.


Each track is 300mm width, 2000mm length, and 480mm high. These precise measurements enables it to comfortably tackle the most difficult terrain.


Operator Step

Robust and foldable transport step serves as a fast 'jump on, jump off' method increasing speed of installation. 


Why you need the Stradale for your road safety barrier installations?

Co Owner, Marco Nigro briefly explains why you need to be using this machine for your road safety barrier (guardrail) installations

MGI 'Stradale' Mini Piling Rig Incredible Reach and Angle Abilities


Pile Driver UK are the only worldwide distributor/supplier of MGI's 'Stradale' mini piling rig ideal for guardrail installation. In fact, the machine is great for any piling project using up to 3.5m length piles.

Technical Specifications


  • Weight: 3200Kg

  • Main Body Dimensions: 1845mm x 2000mm

  • Transport Dimensions: 2460mm x 1920mm x 2470mm (with folded mast)

  • Longitudinal Slope MAX: +8º / -57º

  • Transverse Slope MAX: +7º / -7º

  • Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity: 128 Litres

  • Speed of Machine: 2.5 - 4.5 KM/H

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 48 Litres

  • Maximum Pile Height: 3.5 Metres 

Indeco Spa - Hammer 

  • Impact Power: 950 Joules

  • Weight: 185 KG (working weight 350 Kg)

  • Beats Per Minute: 620 - 1500

  • Work Pressure: 180 Bar

  • Oil Flow (Litres Per Minute): 60 / 90

Engine - Yammer Stage V Tier 4 ​

  • Power (KW): 18 - 35.4 (variable)

  • REVS Per Minute: 3000

  • Hydraulic Pump (Model): Group 3 (in cast iron)

  • Hydraulic Pump Engine Capacity (CC) 34

  • Liquid Cooling: Yes

  • 140 Bar Dry Air Filter: Yes

MGI | Stradale Mini Piling Rig | Various Speeds

The 'Stradale' has two speeds. 1. Working speed and 2. Transport speed (to cover lots of ground quickly). Extremely fast for its size.

MGI | Stradale | 360 Degree Turn


360 degree turn! Another great feature of the 'Stradale' mini piling rig. Great for tight spaces.