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Horizontal Controls Are Available On MGI Piling Rigs

Updated: Jul 28

Loyal customers of Pile Driver UK & MGI love using the vertical controls, but we also understand some installers are more comfortable working with controls in the horizontal position. That is why MGI ensures their rigs can come with horizontal controls.

vertically placed controls are standard on MGI machines
Horizontal Control on MGI Piling Rig Ready for Shipping

The way MGI have designed their machines with the vertical controls positioned near the mast and foldable transport step is to maximise speed and operator efficiency. That is why an MGI piling rigs can triple the speed of installation compared to its competitors and why installers love them.

MGI are also aware of their competitors horizontal controls. Many installers have become used to working with controls in this position. Rather than lose out on their loyalty and business, MGI can easily customise their machines to accommodate their wishes in up to four different horizontal locations (just for good measure).

"Skeptical about using an MGI piling rig? Purchase one. We are confident you'll come back for more, like many others before you." – OWNERS, Pile Driver UK

Please contact us for any customisations to our rigs you may need for a unique project

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