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  • Marco Nigro

Power Away From Base. How?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

What do installers do for power when they're installing piles a long distance away from base? They ask us to customise a rig with a generator attached to it of course.

As standard, every machine comes equipped with a 12v socket for charging phones, tablets etc on site within a secure weather proof box.

We get installers ask us for all kinds of unique customisations. We are very happy to make those requests a reality. What unique customisation do you need for your rigs?

Customised piling rig for a client working on a very big pv ground mount project
MGI rig with generator and compressor

How can Pile Driver UK help my installation business grow?

Pile Driver UK work in partnership with MGI and together are able to ensure customers get a quality service and product from start to finish. Together, we ensure uniformity of cost and by working to low profit margins are able to offer our customers truly competitive prices. You can only gain by coming to us (Pile Driver UK) direct to purchase your rigs. Save thousands in cost and gain profit before your machines even touch the soil of your next installation project.

Contact us by visiting and fill in the contact form or just pick up the phone.

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