• Marco Nigro

MGI 'Stradale' Mini Piling Rig With Extra Height Ability. Why?

Updated: 4 days ago

So, you require a mini piling rig that can handle posts up to 3.5m in length? Great! But, what if on the rare occasion you just need that little extra height? Will you need to hire out a bigger rig? Thankfully, no!

MGI engineers have over 80+ years experience and are experts in metal work. One of the major reasons we can offer great prices is due to MGI's in-house manufacturing.

As standard, the 'Stradale', MGI's mini piling rig comes with a mast able to handle up to 3.5m length posts. With a customisation you can gain an extra 0.5m on top of that.

That is why loyal installers around the world trust MGI to produce for them a quality machine at a very competitive price.

Years of engineering know how, great prices & reliable machines mean everyone is a winner with us.

Would you like to purchase a piling rig?

Then contact us at www.piledriveruk.com and start the process. It's an easy 4 step process that will get you your machines in no time at all. Simple.

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