• Marco Nigro

What Safety Features Are Available On MGI's 'Tonker 830' & 'Stradale'?

MGI ensure seven safety features on every machine. Customisations are also available i.e. Safety bars around tracking

Safety features are important to Pile Driver UK & MGI. We know they are to you too!

Unlike years ago, installers are now much more safety aware. Not only that, but companies need to adhere to stricter safety laws within their country of residence. That is why MGI machines come with seven safety features as standard (take a look at the 'Technical Brochure' page on the website www.piledriveruk.com ) but any extra features you need can be completed by our expert engineers.

safety caterpillar tracking bars
Metal Safety 'Track' Bars

Contact us for any unique customisations

MGI have seven features on every machine this manufacturer. If you require additional features please contact us and we will ensure our engineers build to your requirements. Use the contact page on our website.

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