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About Us


Pile Driver UK was established in 2018 and as official agents of MGI & Tea Tek we supply high quality MGI piling machines.


MGI Tonker 830 - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

MGI Stradale - Worldwide 

Both these machines can be used for drilling & screw piling.



Our Mission


Our mission is to look after our clients by; 



1. Providing them with high quality machines. 


2. Giving clear, accurate information in our advertising and communications regarding the machines and services.


3. Giving an attentive service through the buying process and after the sale. 


4. Liaising between the customer and manufacturer MGI and Teatek Group.


5. Keeping customers updated on innovations and improvements to machines.


6. Continually seeking ways to improve our service for the benefit of the customer.


Our Partnership With




Our partnership with the Tea Tek Group & MGI has greatly benefited our customers so they can buy piling rigs from us confidently with the assurance of continuity of services before, during and after sales.

Pile Driver UK partnered with MGI in 2018 and are proud to represent them and sell their machines.  


MGI has been established for over 70 years and are based in the Province of Avellino, Italy. It has been owned and run by subsequent generations of the Marra family who have followed in the steps of their fathers building up a great reserve of knowledge and experience in the metal working industry.


It has earned a reputation for quality and innovative engineering worldwide and is in the top 20 fastest growing companies in Italy. In fact “MGI” as become synonymous with quality.


Their mission has been to expertly design and produce piling machines, focusing on the specific needs of various customers. 


With successful sales worldwide, to concentrate on production, they assigned the selling process to Pile Driver UK & Tea Tek Group.


This had led to significant growth and expansion worldwide with Pile Driver UK spearheading sales in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand. 

T.E.A is an acronym for Telecommunications-Energy-Automation and TEK is for Technology and know-how.  


TeaTek SPA was established in 2009. Since its inception it has worked in the field of alternative energy.  Today, the company has become a worldwide player in the water, industrial plant automation, telecommunications sector as well as in the international construction of solar farms.


In 2019, due to successfully using MGI piling rigs in solar farm construction, it offered and was accepted by MGI, to become the worldwide distributor of the MGI Tonker 830 solar piling rig. 




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