World's Best Piling Rigs

'Stradale' Mini Piling Rig.
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Very Powerful. Extremely Fast. Super Versatile 

Compact pile driver designed and built for installing piles up to 3.5m in length and ∅300mm in diameter.  Extras include drill & screw piling rotary heads plus accessories. 


Ideal for guardrail installation & civil work projects, but can be used for all piling.

'Tonker' Solar Piling Rig.
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Can Triple The Speed Of Solar PV Ground Mounting Installation Compared To Its Competitors. 

Can be configured for many piling applications:

- Carport installation

- Screw Foundations (up to 10,000Nm)

- Commercial Fencing (can be customised to carry additional posts at a max 1000Kg)

'PDUK 82' Handheld Rig.
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Fast, Safe & Easy To Use

Great for earth rod installation.  Works with all kinds of posts and materials. A commercial post driver with an amazing 1720 beats per minute enabling you to set up a post in less than 10 seconds.

Ideal for: Commercial fencing, landscaping,

horticultural contracting plus much more.