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Stradale - Safety Barrier
MGI Stradale Mini Piling Rig. Guard Rail Installation. Pile Driver UK

Very Powerful. Extremely Fast. Super Versatile 

Compact pile driver designed and built for installing piles up to 3.5m in length and ∅300mm in diameter.  Extras include drill & screw piling rotary heads plus accessories. 


Ideal for guardrail installation, but can be used for all piling, drilling & screw piling projects.

Quick Specifications:

  • 'Super reliable' Yanmar engine

  • Indeco Spa 950 J percussion hammer

  • Mast for up to 3.5m length piles

  • Main Body: 1845 mm x 2000 mm

Tonker 830 - Solar PV
MGI Tonker 830 Solar PV Piling Rig. Pile Driver UK

Can 'Triple The Speed' of Solar PV Ground Mounting Installations Compared to Its Competitors. 

Can be configured for many piling applications:

- Carport installation

- Screw Foundations / Drilling

- Commercial Fencing (can be customised to carry additional posts at a max 1000Kg)

Quick Specifications:

  • 'Super reliable' Yanmar engine

  • Indeco Spa 950/1200 J percussion hammer

  • Mast for up to 4.1m / 5.1m / 6.1m length piles

  • Main Body: 2190 mm x 2150 mm

PDUK 82 - Handheld
PDUK Petrol Post Driver. Pile Driver UK

Fast, Safe & Easy To Use

Great for earth rod installation.  Works with all kinds of posts and materials. A commercial post driver with an amazing 1720 beats per minute enabling you to set up a post in less than 10 seconds.

Ideal for: Commercial fencing, landscaping,

horticultural contracting plus much more.

Quick Specifications:

  • 'Super reliable' Honda GX35 engine

  • 36 Joules hammer / 1600KG impact power

  • Nozzle: up to ∅82mm diameter posts 

  • 1,720 BPM (28 beats per second)